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  Workers' Compensation Forms  

File Transmittal

Please click below to download our File Transmittal Form. Fill out the form and fax the form to: (510) 645-4684 OR e-mail to

    Estate Planning Forms   

Vision Meeting and Initial Consultation

Click below for our Personal & Financial Information form.  Please fill it out to the best of your ability.  If possible, please return the form by e-mail or fax prior to your scheduled Vision Meeting or Initial Consultation.  It will allow us to better prepare for your meeting.

Design Meeting Considerations

Click below for a list of questions to consider prior to the Design Meeting.  It is okay if you do not completely understand a question.  It would be explained in more detail at the Design Meeting.  The purpose of this questionnaire is to get you and your spouse/loved ones to begin thinking of these important issues before our meeting.  Some couples prefer to fill this out separately and discuss their answers later.  Some like to answer it together.  Do what feels most comfortable.  Eventually we will discuss these issues together.

    Probate Forms    

Basic Estate Information

Click below for the Basic Estate Information Form.  This form should be completed to the best of your ability prior to your free consultation.   Please be sure to bring a copy of the Will if you have one in your possession.

Preliminary Inventory of Assets

Click below for the Preliminary of Assets Form.  The more complete this form is the better we will be able to advise whether the estate needs to go through probate.

    Estate Planning Deficiencies Check-Up    

Did you know…?


If you don’t have a valid will or trust, then state laws will determine how your assets pass, to whom they pass, and when they pass.  This could lead to unnecessary estate and income taxes, your estate being consumed by creditors, your estate being tied up in probate court (possibly for years…), and other undesired results, and is perhaps the most costly and emotionally draining way to pass assets to your loved ones.


Download our free Check-Up list by clicking here.


Did you circle No or Don’t Know anywhere on this check-up?


If you did – please CONTACT US to schedule your complimentary consultation

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